Trusted Advisors in Commercial Finance –
Think Beyond the Bank

Lighthouse Commercial Capital’s mission is to provide unique financing solutions for small and medium sized businesses that need access to capital. The world of commercial financing can be daunting to navigate and traditional bank loans only service a small percentage of businesses in need of capital solutions. At Lighthouse, we can help guide the way for businesses with non-bankable profiles to secure favorable financing options they never knew existed. When you need commercial capital, think Lighthouse Commercial Capital, and think beyond the bank.

Why Choose Lighthouse Commercial Capital?

Extensive Commercial Loan Options

Lighthouse Commercial Capital offers a staggering variety of financing solutions to accommodate a broad spectrum of situations and goals. For property and business acquisitions, we offer commercial real estate and hotel financing, CMBS loans, business acquisition financing, SBA financing, bridge loans and hard money loans. If you need greater liquidity, we can extend accounts receivable financing or merchant cash advances. We also provide various equipment leasing and financing programs, including financing for medical and heavy equipment. Lighthouse Commercial Capital also offers private equity and joint venture capital financing, stock loans and portfolio liquidations.  Most of our clients have no idea that many of our financing products even exist, and you won’t find most of our programs in a bank.

If You Qualify for Traditional Bank Financing, Then Go Through Your Bank

  • We regularly fund business and commercial real estate situations that banks won’t touch
  • We offer truly unique financing solutions with a staggering array of non-traditional capital products
  • At Lighthouse, we’re not just commercial finance experts, we’re business owners.  We’re partners.  And we get it.


Tell Us Your Story

Every business has a story, and every capital problem deserves a fair chance at a capital solution.  Call Lighthouse and let us hear your story, and allow us to share how we can help.