Free Up Needed Cash With Accounts Receivable Financing

accounts-receivable-financingLighthouse Commercial Capital can offer expedited financing based on the sale of your accounts receivable invoices. If your clients render payment for your products or services at least 30 days after the transaction is complete, you may qualify for our program. Our financing lets you hand off responsibility for invoice collection and free up money for anything from everyday operating costs to expansion.

Special Perks of Our Program

Next to more traditional means of funding, accounts receivable financing offers various economic benefits. Highlights of our program include:

  • We can provide cash within 24 hours to businesses in virtually any sector.
  • You don’t have to make personal guarantees or render payment if one of your clients fails to pay us.
  • Instead of fixed monthly payments, you make flexible payments that are conveniently based on your sales volume.


We also offer various services, such as monitoring the credit of your clients and providing free credit insurance when possible, to increase convenience and protect your business.

Learn What You Qualify For

Financing receivables works well for most businesses, and you may qualify for our program even if your company is new or struggling with financial setbacks. We only look at the credit of your customers, which allows us greater leeway in offering funding.

Our flexible financing can be the ideal solution if you want to focus on growth, shore up inventory at a discount or respond quickly to unexpected opportunities. To learn more or find out what we can offer, contact Lighthouse Commercial Capital today for a free review of your business and funding needs.