Discover a More Convenient Approach to Consumer Financing

Consumer Financing With Jensen Capital SolutionsLighthouse Commercial Capital can make financing your customers incredibly easy with our consumer finance program. Our program may be a good fit for your business if you sell products or services that are worth less than $10,000. We can buy any loans that you have already issued and also extend new loans to your customers, including ones who you weren’t able to finance before.

Distinct Business Benefits

Offering in-house financing to customers can generate various benefits for your business. These perks include:

  • You can reduce missed sales and increase your sales volume.
  • You can encourage customers to make repeat visits, which builds loyalty.
  • You can boost awareness of your brand and increase future sales.


Extending this financing through our program also promises a few advantages. We can provide quick, uniform credit decisions, appealing price tiers and flexible interest rates. We additionally offer special programs, including “6 months same as cash,” to encourage customer participation.

A Strong Fit For Most Businesses

Our financing program works well in many industries. We especially recommend it for businesses that specialize in jewelry, furniture, alarms, retail, travel and memberships; private and vocational schools; and medical and dental practices or businesses. Businesses in many other sectors may also benefit from our program.

Explore Our Program Today


To learn more about the ways that consumer financing can benefit your business, contact Lighthouse Commercial Capital today. We’ll be happy to discuss our program in detail or conduct an assessment to determine whether it is the right fit for your business.