Thrive With Our Franchise Financing Program

franchise-financingLighthouse Commercial Capital offers a full range of financing options to help you successfully purchase and launch a franchise. We pride ourselves on providing favorable terms even to first-time owners. We also have created extremely streamlined pre-qualification, approval and closing processes to ensure that your time is never wasted.

Financing for Most Purchases and Projects

Our franchise financing can help you meet virtually any of your franchise ownership goals. We can fund the acquisition of existing franchises, or we can help you cover various costs associated with building a franchise from the ground up, including real estate acquisition, equipment purchases and construction. We additionally can help you refinance or fund the renovation of an existing franchise.

Get Ahead With Favorable Terms

We offer incredibly advantageous financing terms that make it easy to position your franchise for future success. The features of our financing program include:

  • As much as 90 percent LTV available
  • Starting rates of 6 percent
  • Maximum 25-year terms
  • No prepayment penalty


We also can offer additional cash to be used as working capital. This can give you the flexibility that you need to respond to both unforeseen challenges and unexpected opportunities.

Call for a Free Assessment

Secure the support that you need to realize your ambitions of franchise ownership. Contact Lighthouse Commercial Capital for a complimentary review of your needs and the financing that we can offer.